How we Help Individuals

How We Help Individuals 



Common Planning Needs Analysis for Individuals from Mark Ashford 


Retirement Capital Planning:  
We help you calculate the size of nest egg that you will need at retirement and chart a course of action including tax-favored investments like IRAs, annuities, etc. to help you fund your retirement.  


Retirement Income Planning:  
Near Retirement or already retired? We will sit down together and take a detailed look at your budget. Then, we will review your investments including any rollovers you have available to develop a plan for the most strategic method to withdraw your retirement income.  


Wealth Transfer:  
Do you have family or a favorite church or charity that you would like to leave a legacy gift to? We have life insurance plans available that can provide a very nice tax free gift at a fraction of the benefit provided.  


College Education Planning: 
If you have children or grandchildren, let’s talk about funding their college education needs. We will help you estimate the costs involved as well as educate you on the options you have to fund this critically important planning need. 


Family Protection: 
If you died unexpectedly or became disabled, and could not work, what would the impact be on your family? Paying for cash needs that arise at death through life insurance and replacing your earning power through disability insurance are very important elements of your overall financial planning.  


Long Term Care Protection: 
It’s a fact. Nursing home care is not cheap. And, too often, family assets are depleted to pay nursing home expenses. Long term care insurance can help put you in control, remove the burden of care off your family, and preserve your assets for your use or as an inheritance for your family.  


Estate Planning: 
An estate strategy ensures that your assets are transferred upon death in the manner you choose. This starts with a will and can include trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, and other estate planning instruments. We can help you get started with this journey or review your current strategy. Let us know if we can help. 


Social Security Planning: 

We provide a simple tool and analysis to help you visualize filing strategies that can maximize your social security benefit