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How we Help Business Owners and Professionals

How we Help Business Owners and Professionals 



Common Planning Needs Analysis for Business Owners and Professionals  
from Mark Ashford 


Business Continuation Planning: 
Ask yourself: If you had retired, died, or became disabled yesterday, who would own and manage your business today? Would you want your business retained for a family member, sold, or liquidated? These are important questions/issues to consider. Call us and let us chat about developing a clear picture for the future of your business. 


Key Employee Planning:  
Ask yourself: Do you have key employees who make a substantial contribution to the success of your business? What would be the financial impact to your business if a key employee died or became disabled? You can protect the earning power of your business with Key Employee Insurance. Call us if you have concerns about key employees.  


Retirement Plans for Small Businesses: 
401Ks, Profit Sharing Plans, SEP IRA’s, and Simple IRA’s are the most popular plans we offer advice on for our clients. If you are interested in a method to retain good employees, a qualified retirement plan can help. Qualified retirement plans, like those mentioned above, offer key tax advantages including before tax contributions and tax deferred growth.