Fiduciary and Our Core Values

Fiduciary and Our Core Values 


As a fiduciary under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940,Mark Ashford is held to a standard that requires him to put his client's interests above his own. In addition, Mark views himself as a trusted steward your financial resources. As such, we are guided by underlying faith-based core values. We strive to help our clients create a lasting financial legacy. Below are our core values:



  3. 1. Begin with the end in mind. Whether it is child rearing or retirement planning, beginning with the end in mind helps define the priorities of the important things in life. For example, planning for retirement  begins with having a good idea of the size of nest egg you will need to fund your retirement lifestyle. 

  4. 2. Be good stewards of the money trusted to our care. 

  5. 3. Encourage investments in experiences, relationships, and helping others. Resist materialism.

  6. 4. Teach our children and grandchildren sound financial principles  

  7. 5. Faith, family, and friends before money.